Ele.C.Tra - Electric City Transport

The project Ele.C.Tra – Electric City Transport was co-financed by the EU programme Intelligent Energy Europe. The project aimed to promote sustainable mobility solutions in urban areas, involving citizens and tourists in the daily use of Light Electric Vehicles, through the development of sharing systems for electric scooters.

The project officially started with the kick-off meeting on July 2013, was developed during a period of 30 months and completed in December 2015.

Ele.C.Tra involved 11 partners representing 8 countries in the European Union and included the pilot operation of electric scooters sharing systems in three cities – Genova, Firenze and Barcelona – where the use of conventional scooters is very common. The pilot actions allowed transferring good practices for the implementation of scooter sharing systems in at least 5 other cities, including Lisbon, therefore involving a large number of European citizens.

RCDI provided technical support for the implementation of the project to the Portuguese partner – Exacto, Estudos e Planeamento, Lda. The activities by Exacto, with the collaboration of RCDI included: i) awareness raising about electric mobility among public bodies, companies, local stakeholders (associations, universities, NGOs..) and general public, to favour the development of sustainable urban transport systems; ii) preparatory studies for hosting an electric scooter sharing system in Lisbon, in the future.

Ele.C.Tra Brochure

Ele.C.Tra e-Articles:

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Please stay tuned and visit the Ele.C.Tra website at: http://electraproject.eu/



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