Projects Pool/Proposals
RCDI has developed its own methodology for the preparation of project proposals and applications to European programmes, covering territorial cooperation programmes (e.g. MED, SUDOE, ATLANTIC AREA), transnational cooperation programmes (e.g ENI CBC MED), long life learning programmes (e.g. ERASMUS+) and environment thematic programes, such as LIFE+.

For this purpose, activities performed by RCDI include:

  • Regular observation of European initiatives and programmes and identification of calls for proposals;
  • Systematic search of project ideas and partners;
  • Development of project ideas, preparation and submission of applications following each programme specific rules and requirements;
  • Organisation and coordination of project specific partnerships;
  • Dialogue and interaction with programme managing authorities;
  • Participation in projects as partner or providing technical and administrative assistance to other entities in the implementation and management of their projects.

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Useful Links 

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      • Interreg Europe 
      • Interreg Atlantic Area 
      • Interreg MED 
      • Interreg SUDOE
      • Interreg POCTEP 
      • ENI CBC MED 
      • Erasmus+ 
      • Life+ 


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