WETNET - Coordinated management and networking of Mediterranean wetlands


Project duration: 30 months
The project is implemented by 9 partners from 6 Member States: Italy (Lead Partner), Portugal, Spain, France,
Malta and Slovenia.

The project aims to build better coordination between different levels of spatial planning and authorities in charge for wetlands management, whilst reducing the friction between preservation concerns and economic activities. It also intends to improve the effectiveness of conservation policies in relation to protected wetlands in the Mediterranean area.

The project will analyse, test and disseminate new forms of institutional collaboration and it will develop a mechanism for the integration and coordination of the various plans and initiatives focused on protected wetlands. It will test participatory tools in order to engage the stakeholders in the conservation, management and sustainable development of ecosystems and landscapes of the wetlands.

In this scope, Wetnet will promote the communication and cooperation between all the entities that operate on each wetland, seeking to balance interests and to define an action plan. Every stakeholder should participate on the definition of the actions that will desirably end up as a Wetland Contract, similarly to tools in use in other countries, such as France and Italy, for more than two decades (River Contracts). The contract should contain the preservation principles to adopt taking into account the ecosystem’s harmonization and conservation.

In Portugal, RCDI will work in the Melides Lagoon area, in collaboration with the Grândola Municipal Council. It will be an valuable opportunity to promote participatory management solutions for an area that has high ecological sensibility and important economic value. 

Download here the 1st Wetnet Brochure.
Download here the 2nd Wetnet Brochure.
Download here the 3rd Wetnet Brochure.

More information about the pilot-area in Portugal:

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